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Domenico Paulicelli

Hi, my name is Domenico and I am the Artistic Director of Paulicelli, my family-run company. Established in 1920 as the brainchild of my grandfather Francesco, it has been handed down over generations while not losing its values or the craftsmanship that sets us apart. I am mainly involved in cultural, religious, and commercial festivals, especially abroad. Indeed, I traveled almost all over the world to promote Paulicelli which is popular and esteemed in many foreign countries. I am a strong-willed and resourceful man with the goal of spreading my brand and Made in Puglia, wherever I can. The passion that animates me comes from the tradition of my family and my region of Puglia. I want to amaze, enchant, excite, and inspire dreaming through unique plays of light, people of all ages, and all places.

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