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Mission and vision

Small lights on iconic wooden structures entirely created and decorated by hand, in the name of a century-old tradition that has been handed down from father to son and that for generations has made the whole world dream… here are the Apulian lightings Paulicelli.

A long story of love and art handed down from father to son

Paulicelli is a historic Apulian production and setting-up company that creates artistic lighting systems in Bari and around the world.

Since 1920 the company has been exporting the art of illuminations in the name of the oldest Apulian artisan tradition with the mission of arousing amazement, of making entire families dream, through unique light effects, able to excite and enchant entire generations.

A love story that began a hundred years ago and that still today the whole company continues to pursue with endless goals, just like the lights…

Our story

From Bari and beyond the borders

Our story began in Bari a hundred years ago, from the dream of grandfather Francesco and still today our company, never forgetting its roots, exports the family tradition, worldwide.

Thanks to our centuries-old experience we have become leaders in the lighting sector, taking the art of illuminations beyond regional borders, in the name of the oldest Italian artisan tradition.

Every day we tell that dream through our lights and in the eyes of those who admire them.

Everything comes from a dream

And everything continues with that dream in the infinite and in the timeless beauty of the Apulian illuminations.

The team

Paulicelli is not like any other company. It is made up of people, united by one dream and by the love for their work. We are an extended family, one of the big ones, which every day, in the uncertainties of life, stays together… without ever turning off the light.

Domenico Paulicelli


Francesca Di Done


Our work

Apulian illuminations

Light has always pushed us to believe that everything is possible. Small colored lights and a touch of fantasy for a unique product that illuminates the eyes and, in wonder, gives life to unexplainable feelings.
For over a hundred years, we have been creating artistic lighting systems in Paulicelli, combining tradition and innovation, driven by the great love for our work.

The production of our lights is an artisanal manufacturing, the “handmade” par excellence, at home, and that’s what makes all our creations special.
Our work is skillful and meticulous, made up of small details and huge structures, because our dreams are big.

Processing steps

Live scenography

with specialized personnel


Creativity of the set-up Rendering Sampling


Pantograph cutting and shaping of materials

Technical inspection




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