The Paulicelli Light Design wedding lights are unique pieces of art because they are made entirely by hand, according to the oldest Apulian artisan tradition.

Wedding lights allow you to make your special day perfect and memorable. The Light Design signed by Paulicelli creates the right atmosphere, setting up and decorating indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing not only the location, but every moment of your wedding, amazing you and your guests.

Love, said Gibran, is a word of light, written by a hand of light, upon a page of light, and we are here to design your dream lights with you, creating unique fittings or large scenographic structures that speak of you and of your love.


The day your love is sealed deserves to be celebrated with what is most beautiful in the world, light.

To make your wedding unique, you can choose to buy or rent individual lighting elements or one of our 7 wedding lighting packages.

Starry sky

A simple and lavish fitting at the same time. It is ideal for an outdoor wedding, able to recreate a truly magical atmosphere. Imagine a midsummer night under a starry sky… the rest will come by itself.

Apulian Festival

Are you planning a wedding in perfect Apulian style? This is the setting that’s right for you, ready to recreate a real patronal feast, illuminating large spaces and coloring your festive event.


Soft lights and a romantic atmosphere, with the Light & Dream package you will feel like you are living a daydream.


Every great event needs great emotions. And how to make it unforgettable? With the Egyptian illumination set-up designed for events that cover large spaces in breathtaking locations.


Energy, lights, music and involvement, in a luminous path that will accompany your guests in an unforgettable event.


A floral arrangement designed to frame the most special of events. Warm and soft lights that recreate a truly intimate and suggestive atmosphere, it is ideal for those who want something truly romantic.


If you imagine your event as a big party, then the Lunapark set-up is the one for you. You can recreate a real amusement park, entirely dedicated to your event, with a carousel of horses that evokes the atmosphere of distant times, where guests can go back to being children for a night.

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